Not so long ago, learning in person was the norm. Learners would physically attend courses at their local college or academic facility, receiving all of their education face to face from the tutor standing in front of them.

Today, though, there has been a dramatic shift. The closure of educational institutions during the Covid-19 pandemic led to the rise of the Zoom Classroom, with the education system rapidly adapting to distance learning.

Now that Covid restrictions have been lifted and things have returned to normal, the pandemic has left its legacy in many areas of life, and education is one of them. Remote learning is now the new normal thanks to the many benefits that it offers. Before coronavirus, only 6.6 million people were enrolled in remote learning programmes, but now, more than 400 million learners now take courses in this way.


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The Benefits Of Online Education

It isn't too surprising that learning in the virtual classroom has become so popular in recent years. For a start, learners can take their courses at a time that fits around their schedules, using the device of their choice.

When they no longer have to make time to attend face to face classes, they can utilise their time more effectively, potentially reducing the length of time it takes to complete their course and qualifying more quickly. If they need help, support is just a message or phone call away.

Learners can also reduce their costs when they learn remotely. With no expenses for travelling to and from a physical classroom, they can save money while gaining qualifications. Of course, with no journey to college to take into account, students can save themselves time too.

As all study materials can be accessed online, remote learning is also an eco-friendly option, eliminating the need to waste paper by printing out coursework and worksheets.


Remote Learning – The Perfect Solution For A Career Change

Unemployment in the UK increased by around 400,000 during the Covid pandemic, with the number of people working falling by 825,000. Many employers laid off their staff in 2020, and some of the sectors most badly affected by the health crisis have still not recovered, leaving their former employees out of work or insecure about their futures and looking for a career change.

On the other hand, several sectors have seen an increase in demand and have started taking on more staff and, with that in mind, reskilling and upskilling couldn't be more important for many workers who are keen to take a new direction and enter a different profession.

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Education is one UK sector that has seen an enormous increase in staffing demand, with 93% more vacancies than before Covid and a wealth of exciting opportunities to offer for those with the right skills and qualifications. There is a current recruitment drive to encourage more people into the classroom, and that makes this the perfect time to consider training to be a teacher. 

For prospective candidates, though, finding a way to fit the necessary training around their lifestyles and their existing job isn't always easy, and that's where remote learning can prove to be invaluable.

Rather than having to find time to attend an in-person course, which can be impossible for someone who is already in full-time work, learners can study at a time that's convenient for them in the Zoom classroom.

With classes run during the evenings, students can complete their independent work at a time to suit them from the comfort of their own home, gaining the qualification they need for success while also holding down a job and bringing in an income.


The Advantages Of Remote Fast Track Courses

Virtual learning offers another excellent benefit for students who are keen to change career. Distance learning fast track courses can be completed in as little as five or six days using the remote Zoom classroom.

Learners can achieve their qualifications quickly from their own front room and move into the employment of their choice far more rapidly than they ever imagined.


How Does Remote Learning Work?

Different virtual education courses run in different ways, but at The Teacher & Assessor Trainer, courses are delivered in virtual classrooms with qualified teachers leading the learning as well as through self-taught modules which can be taken independently at the student's own pace. All of the materials necessary to complete the course are provided online and learners can access a fully qualified teacher for support whenever necessary, no paperwork involved at all.

Courses in virtual classrooms are held twice a week during the evenings, with each session lasting two hours and the student then completing the remainder of the work via the LearnWorlds Learner Management System. The LearnWorlds system is an engaging, interactive way to learn. Simple to navigate and use, it offers everything that students need to learn effectively and efficiently, even an inbox where learners can interact with their fellow students and teachers.

Some of the courses are fast tracked, involving 5-6 days of study in the Zoom classroom from 9:30am to 4:00pm, and representing the speediest way to achieve an essential qualification. These efficient and affordable courses will get you onto your new career ladder in no time.

If you're ready to change careers, upskill, reskill, or take a training course, The Teacher & Assessor Trainer is the perfect solution for you. Students benefit from the team's years of expertise in the sector, and enjoy an excellent learning experience, no matter whether they choose a virtual classroom course or to study independently via e-learning.

Offering a great range of courses for those who want to enter and progress in the education profession, The Teacher & Assessor Trainer ensures that learners receive the advice, guidance, and support they need to complete their chosen courses and to achieve the qualifications that they need to succeed.

Get in touch today to find out more, or take a look at the range of courses available and register for the one you need now.


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