Are you looking for an online teacher training course that suits your lifestyle, your experience, and your needs? During your research, you may find that your choices come down to PGCE Vs DET. To choose the right option for you, it's important to understand the difference between PGCE and DET Level 5 Diploma so you can make a well-informed decision about how to progress your career.

PGCE Vs DET – An Overview

Both DET Level 5 and the PGCE certificate are ITT (Initial Teacher Training) qualifications that trainers and teachers are able to take to progress their careers. Both are recognised as a valid teaching qualification by employers. However, there are separate and different qualifications and each has its own duration, price, and pros and cons.

What Are PGCE Courses?

A PGCE (or Postgraduate Certificate in Education) gives you QTS or Qualified Teacher Status. The PGCE course is taught in universities and is mostly suitable for those who wish to teach in a school. As it is a postgraduate qualification, students must already have successfully completed an undergraduate degree to be accepted onto the course.

Generally, the course takes two years to complete, combining theory and classroom practice. The whole first year involves learning about behavioural, teaching and learning theories as well as related legislation in a university setting. Once this theoretical component is complete, you receive NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) status and must seek out a placement in a school for the next academic year. Around 4.5% of PGCE students quit during their second year, but if you pass successfully, you receive QTS and can apply for a teaching job, either in the UK or overseas.

For UK students, the cost of obtaining a PGCE certificate comes in at about £9250 before living expenses and transportation costs. For overseas students, the cost ranges between £16000 and £20000.

What Is The DET Level 5 Diploma?

Once called the DTLLS, the DET Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training is a degree-level qualification for anyone who wishes to teach in a school, sixth-form college, further education, or higher education institution.
While you cannot complete the PGCE online, the Level 5 DET Diploma is student-led and is taught entirely online. Completion of the course and a portfolio with The Society In Education and Training leads to QTLS (Qualified Teaching and Learning Status) which is equivalent to the QTS awarded at the end of a PGCE. The Level 5 Diploma is equivalent to either a PGCHE (PGCE for higher education) or PGCE FE (PGCE for further education).

Faster to complete than the PGCE, the Diploma can take around 18 months at your own pace. The cost of completing the course is under £2000 and there are no additional or hidden charges to pay. As all learning is done from home, there are no travel or accommodation costs to consider.

The DET involves 100 hours of classroom teaching which can take place in a college, private training centre or school. It couldn't be easier to arrange this as, due to the shortage of teachers in the UK right now you will have no difficulty in finding a suitable placement. As you'll also be paid for this work (usually between £20 and £30 per hour), you can easily offset the cost of your course without incurring any debt.

Is A PGCE Or Diploma Right For Me?

As there are many differences between both QLTS and QTS courses you need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Obtaining a PGCE certificate will:

  • Give you QTS status so you can teach in any educational institution.
  • Take two years to complete.
  • Require you to have an undergraduate degree already to take the course.
  • Cost a minimum of £9000 (without including living expenses).
  • Require a full year of solely university-based training without earning any money.

Obtaining a DET Level 5 Diploma will:

  • Give you QTLS status (equivalent to QTS) so you can teach in any educational institution.
  • Allow you to become a qualified teacher even if you don't already have a degree. • Take around 18 months to complete (or less if opting for the e-learning route).
  • Cost under £2000 (with no need for any living or travel expenses).
  • Fit in around your busy schedule – you can earn as you learn.
  • Give you a wider teaching platform as it is more widely accepted than QTS in the post-16 education sector.

As you can see, there are many advantages to opting for the DET Level 5 Diploma as you can become a fully qualified teacher with the right to work in any educational institution for a far lower cost and without already having to have gone to the expense and effort of obtaining an undergraduate degree. Thanks to its online learning structure, it's also a convenient option that can fit around your busy life.


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